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CBD Oils, Salves, Gummies, Softgels, Bath Bombs & Skin Care Products

~ What is CBD? A Cannabidiol which is the oil (chemical Compound) made from the Flowers, Leaves, and Stalks of the Cannabis Sativa Plant! 

~ What is the Benefits of CBD? It has been proven to give Pain Relief Abilities, Relieves Muscle Aches & Joint Pain,  & an Anti-Inflammatory that diminish symptoms of some diseases.

~ What is the Use of CBD? Oils ( to put under the tongue), Salves (creams), Gummies, Pills, and Skin Care lines are just some of the Uses. These are Products that WE carry. 

Note: A Full Spectrum CBD Oil is your Best Option for Maximum Benefits! 

TruOrganics .3% THC Tincture 300mg
TruOrganics .3% THC Tincture 900mg
Cibadol ZERO THC FREE Tincture 300mg
Cibadol ZERO THC FREE Tincture 900mg
Pure Small Pet Tincture 300mg
Cibadol ZERO THC FREE Salve 900mg
Bath Bomb Relax 50mg
Bath Bomb Recover 50mg
TruOrganics Body Cream