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"A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside"

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A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

Welcome to 

Sha-Che Re-Leaf 🍃 

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality line of CBD Products to YOU, Your Loved Ones, & The Community!!


Products Available:

-Tinctures (Oils)


-SoftGel Pills

-Salves (Creams)

-Roll-on Muscle Gel

-Bath Bombs


-Body Lotion

-Eye Serum

-Face Serum


We also carry a Pure Pet Line product for your beloved fur babies!


We encourage you to read the label thoroughly & ask any questions prior to your purchases.

  Although there are Tinctures & Salves that have ZERO THC,

 A majority of our CBD products do have .3% THC. 


Sha-Che Re-Leaf 🍃